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My story

I'm chen, the blogger, recipe developer, and food lover that is behind Chen’s Plate! 

My intro into the world of health and wellness wasn’t the most elegant. I started with the wrong intentions and continued down this path for far too long.

I’m finally, three years later, growing into someone I can be proud of. I eat the right foods for my body (most of the time),

I enjoy going out and spending time with my friends, I simultaneously love chill nights in with tea and dessert, and I’ve created a platform where I can be unapologetically me.

Gluten Free

Chen’s Plate was started on a gluten free foundation for easy digestion! All recipes are made gluten free. 🙂

What to Expect at Chen's Plate

Dairy Free

You’ll find that every recipe is made without dairy and over half are completely plant based for you vegans!

simple recipes

All recipes are approachable in the quantity of ingredients as well as the step by step process of baking.

no gluten in any recipe

easy & simple to make

primarily plant based

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If you have any questions related to partnerships, recipes, or life in general, feel free to email me. I love to keep things real and live life authentically and I’m so happy to chat.

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