For the Gym Fanatic: Gift Guide

You must go to the gym in style. And if you’re shopping in 2020, workout at home in style lol. Gift someone a workout set, weights, or a travel bag to store all their new workout gear. All the items below make the perfect gift.

If you’re anything like me, you never have any idea what to get your friends and family for the holidays. I do, however, love giving gifts to show people my appreciation for them and how much they mean to me. That’s exactly why my team and I created these gift guides. We searched high and low to find the perfect gifts for your loved ones that are affordable and durable. We have a wide selection of options for the fashionista in your life, the lounge queen, and even the baker you love so much. Check out our other gift guides here!

Feature 1
2 for 20 Leggings: Fabletics

My all time favorite leggings. They fit literally every body type and some even have pockets.

Feature 2
Bala Bangles: Dicks Sporting

These are the perfect weights to have at home. Tie them to your ankles for walks or wrists too!

Feature 3
Travel Roller: Lorox

A roller is key for anyone who works out! A travel one is even better so you can always have it.

Feature 1
Resistance Bands: Gluteboost

Non-slip resistance bands. So great to have these at your at home gym!

Feature 2
Water Bottle: Healthy Human

My long time water bottle. Comes in all shapes and sizes and SO MANY colors too.

Feature 3
Joy Lab Hoodie: Target

A great piece for layering during your workouts or when you’re on the go. The comfiest piece.

Feature 1
The Weekender: Away

Such a great bag for the on the go fitness queen. So many compartments for all the things.

Feature 2
Razor Back Tanks: Amazon

Even if you’re not a fitness fanatic, these tanks are perfect! They come in SO MANY colors.

Feature 3
Yoga Mat: Jade Yoga

My all time favorite yoga mat made with recycled materials and long lasting.

Feature 1
Spiral Hair Ties: Teleties

My new favorite hair ties! I have so much hair and these actually hold my hair in place during a challenging workout. Get the mediums for normal hair and the large for thick!

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